Why Do Timeshare Resale Units Cost Less Than Units Sold By Developers?

Resale units are priced by their owners. These prices are usually a reflection of the current price that willing buyers will pay and other sellers have accepted. Developers in turn set their prices based on their costs and a desired profit. They generally use state-of-the-art selling systems to convince potential buyers that their price is justified. They typically pay out about 50% of their gross sales price for marketing and commission costs.

Let us help you with your timeshare purchase or resale. AITR is licensed by the state of Hawaii as a real estate broker and timeshare resale agents and thus meets Hawaii state law that requires companies engaged in timeshare resales be registered and licensed by the state. We work closely with many owner's associations and as such are their company of choice to which they refer their members.

All of our transactions go through an independent escrow company to ensure that both buyer and seller receive exactly what the contract calls for.

Contact us today to learn more about our company and the available timeshares per island.

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